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All events are unique, and every site presents different challenges, from the surface on which a marquee is to be erected, to the finishing touches such as  lighting and furniture ect.

At Spuds Marquee Hire in Perth, we’ve been providing marquee solutions in Perth for over 30 years. We can work with your ideas, your vision and your budget to create the perfect space to suit your event.

We have a large range of different sized marquees to suit your requirements and available space. They can be set-up with roof sections and no walls for display purposes, or fitted with clear, window or blank walls and thoroughfares – the choice is yours.

As well as marquee hire, we also provide a range of lighting and can arrange furniture to reflect the unique flavor of your event. The interior of your marquee can also be further enhanced with beautiful silk linings.

Contact our friendly team for a free quote, and if required, to arrange an onsite inspection. We can help you select the perfect marquee for your special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a marquee?
We have a range of sizes, so it depends on what size marquee you would like to hire for your event.
What size marquee do I need for 100 Guests?
The answers depends on if you are having a cocktail event or formal seated event. You can even choose to have mixed half casual / half seated event and require extra items in the marquee such as a dance floor, DJ or bar.
Can we put a marquee anywhere?
Marquees can go on most surfaces as we can peg in ground or weight them.
Can I put a marquee in my garden?
Yes if you have a flat area to cater for the amount of guest that are coming to your event.
Can I put a marquee in a public park?
Yes in most parks, but you will require permission from the shire where the park is located to find out if its aloud at that park and their regulations.
What brand(s) do you use?
We use Robian International marquees that meet Australian/New Zealand standards.

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