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Let us bring your wedding to life with our Wedding Marquees

Spuds Marquee Hire has been providing wedding marquees in Perth since 1992. We have over 30 years of experience planning and providing marquees for truly beautiful weddings.

We understand that no two weddings are the same, and so we offer a wide range of themes and interior styles from which to choose as well as Clear Roof Marquees for your special occasion.

Whether you’re planning to hold your wedding reception at home,  on private property or public open spaces(parks) we can help you create the perfect feel and interior for your special day.

Our wedding marquees are available in a range of sizes and can accommodate weddings of all sizes, from 25 to 360 seated guests.

Your marquee can be further enhanced with elegant silk linings, soft lighting, including fairy lights, rice lanterns or chandeliers, and many other finishing touches.

Our 9m wide marquee is available with clear roof and walls to suit or if required we can install roof lining to suit most sizes.

If required the marquee can be installed at least 2 days before your event, allowing you the flexibility of arranging the marquee to suit your finishing touch.

Contact our friendly team to discuss your special event, as we can help you select the perfect marquee for your wedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding marquee cost?
Depends if you would like the basic marquee and to set it up yourself which can save you money. Or if you would like to hire all extra items and have someone set it all up for you.
Is it cheaper to have a marquee wedding?
This depends on the individuals taste and what they would like on their special day.
What is a marquee wedding?
A marquee wedding gives you the choice to have your wedding ceremony/reception in the location of your choice, like a special place to you both e.g., home, park, foreshore, country property.
How do I organise a wedding marquee?
Firstly you would need to think what do I want my special day to be like casual or formal. Then work out roughly how many guests. Once you have done this look at different areas you both like and if you are allowed to have a marquee on this site and what are there regulations to use the grounds and if you have a certain area size available. Email or call us and we can help with the size of marquee you will require for your event.
Can I get married in a marquee?
Yes this can help keep you both and your guests dry on a wet day or in shade on a hot summers day.
Are marquee weddings more expensive?
Depending on each person’s taste to have a casual or a formal event and want they would like in the marquee on their special day.
Are marquee weddings a good idea?
A lot of people love the marquee for their wedding as they can have their personal touch to make there day unique like no others.
Can a marquee be customised for a wedding?
No two weddings are the same. We offer a range of different size marquee widths and furniture, lighting and decorations available for whatever your needs are.
Where can I have a wedding marquee?
We have Marquees that are perfect for all types of weddings, suitable for wherever you may need them. Some places we have placed Wedding Marquees on include private property and public spaces (with approval).

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