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Corporate Event Marquee Hire

Corporate Marquee Hire in Perth

Spuds Marquee Hire supplies marquees for all types of corporate events in Perth and country field days.

We believe it is important to supply the right marquee for the perfect event, whether you’re hosting a sales function, field day, hospitality marquee, or corporate event. That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that your structure meets your exact requirements.

Our most popular corporate marquees is the ‘clean span’ marquee, which can be erected on solid surfaces as well as grass. This type of marquee provides maximum floor coverage with no supports in the covered area. They can also be used to cover stages.

Our corporate marquees are available in widths of 4, 6, 9, 10 and 12 metres at various lengths.  The marquees can be erected side by side if a wider marquee is required to create an even larger space.

If required we can install emergency exit signs and fire extinguisher holders.

Contact us at 08 9370 2936 if you have any enquiries about our marquee hire service, or want to book us in.

Hosting a corporate event? Discover why your next event needs a Marquee.


Are Corporate Marquees Safe?
Yes! We take safety seriously. All of our Marquees are secured from Weather, and if fire safety is a concern we can install emergency lighting and extinguishers.
What are the benefits of a Corporate Event Marquee?
Our Corporate Event Marquees are erected using a special system that doesn’t require support in the covered area, meaning the space inside is open allowing you to host you event unobstructed.  

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