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5 Advantages of a Marquee Wedding

Clear Marquee with bright lights

Spuds Marquee Hire has been providing marquee weddings in Perth for almost 20 years. When you use a marquee, you can have your wedding anywhere and you won’t be limited by venue availability. Choose to have your wedding any day, anywhere! Our wedding marquees are available in a large range of sizes to accommodate any kind of wedding. You can have anywhere between 25 to 360 seated guests.

We offer white and clear marquees. Clear wedding marquees are perfect for when you want your wedding to feel like it’s outside while still having cover. We can also install the marquee up to 2 days before your event which gives you ample time to decorate and set up.

There are so many benefits to having a marquee wedding. Here are five reasons you should book one of our high-quality marquees for your wedding:

  1. Save money

A marquee wedding is still going to cost you if you need to hire everything from floor to cutlery. Hiring a marquee is often cheaper than most venues, though, and there are many ways to achieve a budget wedding while using a marquee. Putting the marquee on a space that already has a level surface means you won’t need to hire a floor. You could also have a cocktail style function instead of a seated wedding which can reduce hire costs. Most of the time a marquee wedding will end up being cheaper than a traditional venue wedding.

  1. Be Exact with Your Guest List

Hiring a marquee for your wedding can accommodate larger numbers of guests with ease. You won’t have to restrict your guests’ list like you might have to with venues that set occupancy limits. A marquee is also a great choice if you want to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. Most venues require a minimum number of guests to reserve the space. This often means people must invite extra guests than they would’ve originally wanted.  With a marquee wedding, no one can control your guest list.

  1. Forget About the Weather

Perth weather can be unpredictable, especially in winter. Outdoor weddings can be beautiful affairs but if the weather is bad the day can easily be ruined. Spuds Marquee’s are perfect for ensuring your outdoor wedding doesn’t get ruined by rain, wind, or sun. You can have all your guests comfortably undercover and safe from the weather. It’s perfect for night-time weddings, weddings during hot summer days and winter weddings!

  1. Have Your Wedding Almost Anywhere

Using a marquee frees you up to utilise a huge range of spaces. With permission from councils, you can have your wedding almost anywhere outdoors. Don’t allow your special day to be limited to churches and dining halls. You could even have it in your backyard!

  1. Be Creative

One of the best parts about a marquee wedding is the fact that no two are the same. They are completely customisable giving you the creative license to create the wedding of your dreams. Choose any theme you like from a classical style to cocktail or even a lounging boho wedding. When you design your wedding from scratch, you’re providing an experience that only your guests will get to have. Spuds Marquee hire provides silk linings, soft lighting like fairy lights, lanterns, or chandeliers as well as a huge range of other finishing touches! This means you won’t have to shop around as much for your wedding’s decorations. Get them all from one place. Contact us today to find out more!

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