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Corporate Events: Building The Team

corporate events

Whether it’s the two truths and a lie game, show and tell, or a classic board game – everyone’s been part of team-building corporate events that have left them feeling less than inspired. But it doesn’t have to be this way – by thinking outside the box (and outside the boardroom) your next team retreat could boost morale, productivity and employee satisfaction!

Team Building

Team building days provide valuable opportunities for employees to get to know each other outside of the office setting. This strengthens their ability to effectively communicate with each other, encourages an inclusive environment and makes employees feel appreciated. Although the outlay is small, these big cultural changes make hugely positive contributions to the success of a company, as employees are able to work cohesively to achieve shared goals. Just because winter is coming up, there’s no excuse to limit your company team building days to inside activities. Spuds Marquee Hire Perth has plenty of options to keep the whole team entertained semi-outdoors!

The clear roof marquee is a great choice for rainy days or nights. Your event will have a unique look and be a cut above the rest as your guests see the rain falling and slipping over their heads as they keep warm inside. Once you’ve booked the marquee, your options are endless. Get your team together over a game of giant Jenga, break into groups and have a quiz, or keep it relaxed with a group yoga session. Spuds corporate marquees are available in four, six, nine and 12-metre widths at various lengths so no matter what kind or size of organization you are, there are plenty of activities to bring your workforce together.

Marquees and Accessories

As well as being the perfect option to build your team – your corporate events can be taken to the next level with Spuds. With the temperature cooling but the sun still shining, field days, meals or cocktail parties under the stars and garden parties are a popular choice for many organisations. By adding the right marquee you’ll be able to impress guests, clients, sponsors, board members and everyone in-between. Spuds can help you figure out exactly what you need to meet your guests’ expectations. This goes beyond just choosing the right marquee. Spuds can provide you with a range of lighting options as well as arrange for heating, air coolers, chairs and tables. If a band is entertaining your event or function, a marquee is a must-have. Spuds will be able to help you make the most of the live music experience by providing staging at various heights.

Why keep all the fun at work though? Take it home with you by choosing Spuds for your private function. From chandelier-lit long table dinners to an intimate wedding ceremony, Spuds can set up at your home or any other venue of your choice. All you have to do is bring the guest list and Spuds will help bring your vision to life. From a team-building day to a sales function or country field day, the options for your corporate events are endless when you trust Spuds Marquee Hire Perth. Contact us today!

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