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How To Plan The Perfect Winter Wedding

Wedding Marquees

While you can be sure that you’ve found the perfect match for your wedding, you can’t always be sure of the weather, so at Spuds Marquee Hire in Perth we know that hiring a marquee for your event will ensure you have an outdoor wedding that is unspoiled, no matter the temperature. Here are a few things to remember when organising winter wedding hire that can make your event extra special.

Colour Schemes

While most weddings are not in winter, that doesn’t make a winter wedding any less beautiful. To create an aesthetically pleasing palette of colours, think of shades that remind you of the beauty of winter, what about pairing pinks and browns to create a feeling of warmth like a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows, or to provide an essence of elegance at your wedding, try using icy-coloured pastel blues against white.

Plan for the Weather

Marquee hire is crucial at a winter wedding and at Spuds Marquee Hire Perth, we offer wedding marquees to suit all kinds of unpredictable weather conditions. We like to recommend our large marquees with clear sides that can be removed as necessary depending on if it rains. Sizes of the marquees can fit from 25 up to 360 people seated with protection if any rain does choose to crash your wedding.

Heating Inside and Outside the Marquee

When planning your event hire in Perth during wintertime, keeping your guests warm is essential. Marquees Hire Perth offers extra heaters to ensure your friends and family are toasty throughout the day. We suggest leaving the inside heater on early on, prior to the event to build a comfortable temperature, and hiring a patio heater to warm the outside of the marquee. If you’re not sure which heater would work best, why not request an on-site inspection and get one of our staff to decide the best heating for you.

What to Drink

A winter wedding is a great time to experiment with a delicious array of cocktails to warm up your insides that your guests will love! Try warm cider or whisky with cinnamon and berries, cream and chocolate infused vodka or mulled wine. Your friends and family will love the different flavours that will keep them toasty.

Set the Mood with a Chandelier

To top off your special day, Spuds Marquee Hire recommends chandelier hire at your Perth wedding to set the mood of the room. Chandeliers will instantly enhance the wedding décor and intimacy, providing total elegance and exquisite charm to the room, to truly perfect the atmosphere.

If you would like to have a chat about more ideas for winter wedding inspiration, give Spuds Marquee Hire a call for the best wedding experience in Perth.

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