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Why Party Marquee Hire is Perfect for Your Next Celebration

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You may think that traditionally a Marquee is hired for weddings or corporate events, but they can be used for so much more. Party marquee hire is a great opportunity to create the space and feel you like with a blank canvas, wherever and whenever you like. 

Any location 

Party marquee hire is a great opportunity for you to host your party in any location you like. Do you want to have your party on your farm, perhaps in a vineyard, or even in your own backyard? Marquees give you the option to host your party outdoors wherever you like, with whatever backdrop and setting you would like. 


Usually, when you hire out a venue you are restricted to the food and beverage options they have on offer. When you choose a party marquee hire you are able to hire from a wide range of different beverage and food companies to cater for your party, putting fewer limitations on your event. Do you want cocktails, beer kegs, wine, a buffet, canapes? The options are endless!

It doesn’t just stop at food and drinks. A marquee gives you the space to add extra’s you might have not even thought about. We have strong relationships with other party suppliers that can provide party hire equipment including amusement machines.

Our marquees come in a wide range of sizes, allowing you the flexibility to hire the one that suits your guest list size and the space you require. 

Any weather, any time

Here at Spuds’ Marquee Hire our marquees can be utilised throughout the year. In the cold months, the marquees can be heated with heaters, and in the warmer months, they can be cooled. Our marquees are made from Anodised aluminium, galvanized steel, and a high-quality PVC meaning they can handle even the highest of wind gusts.

Decorate the way you want

Our marquees don’t have poles in the middle, allowing you a great open space to customize and decorate the way you want. Add marquee lighting, hardwood floors, staging, a wide range of furniture options, silks and various other decorations, and even a dance floor. You are only limited by your imagination. 

Or perhaps you want a minimalist look, which works perfectly with our clear marquees allowing your guests to admire the amazing setting around them, and at night they can stare out at the stars. 

Ultimately, going with a party marquee hire presents you with a near-endless range of opportunities that allow you to throw the party you want, where you want when you want. If you want to hire a marquee for your next party then contact the experienced team at Spuds today and see why we were awarded the 2021 award by ‘Top 25’.

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